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Decision legislative initiative ‘resale of admission tickets’ now in hands of Dutch senate

On Tuesday April 6th, the legislative initiative ‘resale of admission tickets’ by Arda Gerkens (Socialist party) and Nicolien van Vroonhoven (Christian Democrats) was accepted by a majority in the Dutch parliament. This however does not mean that the law immediately takes effect – the Senate has yet to study the proposal. Not until the Senate has voted, does it become clear whether the law will actually take effect.

We will keep you informed of future developments.


The aim of the association, as an association of undertakings, is to guarantee the quality and professionalism of the entrepreneurship of secondary ticket sellers, and to protect the individual and collective interests of its members, and this applies in the broadest sense of the word.

The association will attempt to realise these goals by, amongst others:

establishing rules of conduct and clear guidelines for market parties involved in secondary ticket sales;
offering transparencies and guarantees to, and for the benefit of, the consumer with regard to bought and resold (admission) tickets for events, and increasing consumer trust in these purchases;
establishing a trademark for the benefit of the consumer, which is adopted by market parties involved in secondary ticket sales;
actively promoting the regulatory body for secondary ticket sales in the media, as well as providing general information;
stimulating contact among members;
organising meetings, lectures, talks and courses;
co-operating in the creation of private law and public law bodies, with a view to becoming a member of these bodies;
becoming actively involved in law suits for the benefit of the member collective;
employing any legal means necessary.