The EU Secondary Ticketing Association (EUSTA) is a premier membership organization for ticket industry participants. It is an international organization established in March 2009. We hope to ratify our Constitution by the summer of 2009 and work with other companies engaged in the selling of tickets to entertainment and sporting events.

EUSTA is a credible, highly visible presence in the Secondary Ticket Industry. We are engaged in dialogue with key agencies in this sector and are developing these links in order to provide customer satisfaction and membership integrity.

The EU Secondary Ticketing Association provides you with access to valuable news and information to keep you informed about the ticket industry. Members receive periodic newsletters highlighting important industry events, trends, legislation, and other industry-specific topics.

The members of EUSTA subscribe to a code of practice which we aim to measure up to the EU consumer code criteria.

As a new member in the EUSTA, you are entitled, and encouraged, to participate in these benefits, with our hope that they will add value for both you and your business.